Data Room Features

When companies consider a virtual data room, they think of M&A deals policies audits fundraising, and other long-term projects. These projects require live collaboration, sharing of confidential business documents among multiple stakeholders, and a speedy due diligence process. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used data room features:

Q&A modules

During the due diligence process during an M&A deal, parties often have questions about specific aspects of the company’s operations. A good Q&A tool enables both parties to the potential deal to ask and receive answers to these questions in a structured manner, while still keeping confidential information private.


Some data rooms let you customize the platform by adding dashboard images as well as login page backgrounds. This allows businesses to maintain their branding. This is an important element of creating an attractive first impression and uniting teams around the company culture.

Drag and drop file uploads

High-end VDRs can let you drag and drop multiple files into the data room at one time, streamlining the upload process and saving you much time. Some VDRs provide an “scroll-through” feature which helps users to navigate through the document index. Many data rooms also offer a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Word. This allows users to work with files stored in the VDR. Certain data rooms also provide optical character identification, making it easier to search text within PDFs or other images-based files.






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